Types of Anime Fans

So you’re into anime. That’s cool, we all are! But what type of fan are you? There’s more than one way to enjoy the art form, and no matter which style suits your interests best there’s plenty out there for you to watch. Here are some examples:

Types of Anime Fans

The Hardcore Anime Fan

This is the person who truly loves anime. They have a massive collection of merchandise from multiple popular shows, they spend hours looking at art and reading doujinshi, and they either cosplay or hope to do so in the future.

These are the people that will go out of their way to meet people with similar interests, possibly even going as far as their own conventions where other hardcore fans can gather together and have a good time!

The Traditional Anime Fan

For this type of fan it’s all about watching anime every chance you get. Whether it be on television or Hulu Plus, you’ll always find time to sit down for a couple of episodes no matter how busy your day might be.

These are the people that can watch each episode of Dragon Ball Z in one day, and still have time to marathon through Attack on Titan the following day.

The Casual Anime Fan

This type of fan isn’t really into anime at all—or maybe they used to be but just haven’t had much time lately. They’ll call themselves fans because they’ve seen a show or two, but they couldn’t tell you what studio produced it or when it premiered in Japan.

To these people, anime is nothing more than another form of entertainment like television or video games despite what their favorites might be.

The Sneaky Anime Fan

This person will only watch anime when nobody else is around; otherwise, it’s not cool… right? It’s not something that they’re proud of doing, it’s just a way to keep the peace while enjoying a fun hobby with people you care about.

The Traditional Anime Viewer

This person only watches anime when it airs on television and doesn’t even own a DVD player or Blu-ray player for their home!

They embrace the fact that they aren’t “tech-savvy,” but hey sometimes life is too busy to stay up on all of the newest gadgets from Japan. Their collection may be small, but it has some real gems in there if you ask them enough questions…

The Hardcore Anime Collector

At last we’ve arrived at the type of fan who might read this article! As mentioned before these are the people who will show up to conventions, cosplay, and spend hours on end talking about anime with other fans.

It’s not all fun and games though; they’ll also go above and beyond when it comes to their collection of merchandise. The more money that they have the larger that it will grow, turning into one massive shrine in which they can immerse themselves at any time! 

The Anime Historian

These are the type of people who truly love learning about anime, its history, and everything in between. They watch every single episode available for a series because it helps them better understand what influenced each one along the way, but they’ll never actually recommend watching every episode anything!

Don’t be surprised if you see them in a museum wearing professional clothing because they take their work seriously.

The Anime Journalist

This type of fan isn’t the same as the Historian, but they are similar in that they love to write about anime. Whether it’s on their own blog or an actual news site, they’re always looking for people with interesting takes on the medium that everyone loves.

If you have something new to say then they’ll be more than happy to give you a platform from which to present your arguments!

The Hushed Anime Fan

Just like Sneaky Anime Fans these people will watch anime behind closed doors when nobody else is around lest they make fun of them for watching cartoons… right? However, unlike Sneaky Anime Fans, this type of anime fan isn’t ashamed about what they’re watching.

Anime is amazing and they’ll treat it like every other traditional form of entertainment until the day that it becomes too popular to hide or bow to pressures from others saying that it’s “not cool.”

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