Sword Art Online Birthdays

The anime series Sword Art Online is a new adaptation directed by Tomohiko Ito. One of the anime that is pushing the Isekai genre in new directions is SAO. We’ve seen a lot of other-world story anime, but SAO is one of the most popular shows, and it has won the affection of many fans.

Sword Art Online was an anime that first aired in 2012 and followed a group of gamers who were playing what they thought was just another game until they realized that they had actually been trapped inside it. They had to play the game to escape, but unlike most games, dying in this one meant actually dying. The show was extremely popular for a time until it died down, however has seen an increase in popularity recently with the release of the movie “Ordinal Scale”.

Sword Art Online Characters Birthdays

  • April 9 – Lady Alice
  • April 10 – Eugeo
  • April 19 – Leefa
  • April 20 – Llenn
  • May 18 – Lisbeth- Rika Shinozaki
  • May 23 – Yuuki – Yuuki Konno
  • July 29 – Yuuna – Yuuna Shigemura
  • August 21 – Sinon – Shino Asada
  • September 30 – Asuna – Asuna Yuuki
  • October 4 – Silica – Keiko Ayano
  • October 7th – Kirito – Kirigaya Kazuto

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