One-Punch Man Birthdays

One-Punch Man is a series that only has the manga and anime, with no light novels, but there is still some info about his birthday. In an interview with Yusuke Murata (the mangaka), he confirmed that One-Punch Man’s real name is Saitama. He also said that his birthday is a “date just between him and One-Punch Man”. Murata also said in the interview that Saitama is not from Z-City. This is because he confuses with an earlier manga, where the main character of the series, Makai Toukiden, is from Z-City.

One-Punch Man Characters Birthdays

  • January 1st – Watchdog man
  • February 4th – Blast
  • March 14th – Puri Puri Prisoner
  • April 10th – Bang
  • May 16th – Tatsumak
  • June 12th – King
  • July 18th – Genos
  • August 14th – Garous
  • September 20th – Mumen Rider
  • October 15th – Saitama
  • November 18th – Boros
  • December 15th – Child Emperor

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