Fairy Tail Birthdays

Fairy Tail is a Japanese manga and anime series by Hiro Mashima. It follows the story of Natsu Dragneel, a Fire Dragon Slayer, who is searching for his missing foster father, the dragon Igneel. Along with his best friend Lucy Heartfilia, he joins Fairy Tail, a wizard’s guild that serves as the protagonists’ home throughout the

Fairy Tail Characters Birthdays


  • MIRAFREED WEEK (January 8th- January 14th)
  • ROKINO WEEK (January 1st- January 7th) 


  • MIDKINO WEEK (January 31st- February 6th)
  • GAJEVY WEEK (February 14th- February 19th)
  • GALU WEEK (February 16th- February 22nd)


  • LAXLU WEEK (March 6th- March 12th)
  • ROGURA  WEEK (March 13th- March 20th)    
  • LORIES WEEK (March 22nd- March 28th)


  • GRUVIA WEEK (April 1st- April 7th)
  • LUVIA WEEK (April 19th- April 25th)
  • LYREDY WEEK (April 20th- April 27th)


  • JACKALU (May 1st- May 7th)
  • STINERVA WEEK (May 11th- May 17th)
  • ELFGREEN WEEK (May 31st- June 6th)
  • JERZA WEEK (May 26th- June 2nd) 


  • LYVIA WEEK (June 5th- June 11th)
  • ZANLIA WEEK (June 12th- June 18th)
  • GRATSU WEEK (June 20th- 27th)
  • COLU WEEK (June 21st- June 27th)


  • NALU WEEK (July 1st- July 7th)
  • FRAXUS WEEK (July 15th – July 21st)
  • NALI WEEK (July 21st- July 27th)


  • NAVIA WEEK (August 1st- August 8th)
  • LOLU WEEK (August 11th- August 17th) 
  • BIXFREED WEEK (August 18th- August 25th)
  • MENDY WEEK (August 17th- August 24th)
  • GRAYZA WEEK (August 18th- August 25th)
  • ORFUS WEEK (August 25th- September 2nd)


  • GRAYLU WEEK (September 1st- September 7th)
  • ZERVIS WEEK (September 14th- September 20th)
  • CHENDY WEEK September 20th- September 26th)


  • BIXANA WEEK (October 1st- October 8th)
  • STINGLU WEEK (October 7th- October 13th)
  • JUVANA WEEK (October 14th- October 20th)
  • MIDLU WEEK (October 25th- October 31st)


  • BIXLU WEEK (November 1st- November 7th)
  • ROLU WEEK (November 3rd- November 9th)
  • STINGUE WEEK (November 9th- November 15th)
  • LAXANA WEEK (November 19th- November 25th) 
  • SHALILY WEEK (November 25th- December 1st)


  • STINGYU WEEK (December 1st- December 7th)
  • LYORAY WEEK (December 5th- December 12th)
  • MYSTWALKER WEEK (December 13th- December 20th)
  • MIRAXUS WEEK (December 16th- December 23rd) 
  • ROWEN WEEK (December 21st- December 27th)

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