World Cosplay Summit 2022

August 1st, 2022
The event date is not yet confirmed

The annual World Cosplay Summit is the world’s largest gathering dedicated to cosplay and all things related to it.It’s a five-day event that takes place in Nagoya, Japan.

The World Cosplay Summit is a mainstay of the anime convention industry and one of the world’s largest gatherings for cosplay. The WCS is an international competition for cosplayers, where they can show off their hard work and skills. It’s an opportunity for them to shine on the world stage after months of preparation.

The WCS has three main competitions:

1) Performance division (the act skit, which is judged according to photogenic qualities, costume design, use of accessories, and audience applause)

2) Technical division (judged on the creation of materials, sewing techniques, and costume design)

3) Japanese traditional dance (a pre-determined set of movements is done in cosplay form). Winners are presented with medals or trophies. The total prize pool for all divisions adds up to over $100,000.

The WCS also contains five other cosplay contests, including one for children under age 6. Entrants are judged based on costume design, presentation, and overall visual impact. Ages 6 to 12 compete in the junior division while ages 13-18 enter the youth division. Winner of each category gets a cash prize or a trophy. Participants who don’t place in the top three get a certificate of participation.

The WCS is open to cosplayers from all countries and it’s free to enter. Registration takes place through an online form. The program for each day includes times for check-in, costume maintenance, and photography sessions. There are also contests open to spectators who want to participate in cosplay themselves.

The WCS is an annual event that has been happening since 2003. It’s organized by the Japanese city of Nagoya, one of Aichi Prefecture’s biggest cities, along with Nagoya City Science Museum and Aichi Broadcasting Corporation.