Wonder Festival 2022

October 9th, 2022
The event date is not yet confirmed

Wonder Festival is held twice a year. The summer edition takes place in July and the winter edition takes place in February. It is the largest figure convention in Japan. Figures are exhibited, sold, & displayed here. Some of these figures go on to become garage kits which are sold online or at other conventions/shops after Wonder Festival has ended.

Wonder Festival is held at the Makuhari Messe convention center. It is about an hour outside of Tokyo by train, where all of these pictures were take (except for the last one).

The first time I went to this convention was nearly 4 years ago. I had never even heard of it before! Now, I go every year & enjoy it more & more.

What I love about this convention is that there are a huge variety of figures on display from a wide variety of series, companies, and sculptors. All the popular series will have some kind of representation! Plus there’s room to take photos without being in anyone’s way (provided you’re not trying to get a picture of someones Nendoroid set up in front of them).

The most popular figures are sold out within the first hour of the convention, but walk around for a bit & you’ll find some great deals on older figures or maybe even still find that sought-after figure.  A lot of people will also re-sell their Wonder Festival loot on Yahoo Japan Auctions, Mandarake, or other online stores after the convention is over.

Wonder Festival is great if you are interested in finding new figures & series to get into as it is extremely easy to look through all the figures on display and find something that catches your eye (or wallet)!