[One Piece] Franky’s Birthday

March 9th

Franky is a supporting protagonist of the One Piece series and also a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. He was originally introduced as the cyborg mechanic of the crew; however, after his identity was revealed to be that of “Cutty Flam”, also known as Franky Four-Eyes, he has been referred to by both names in the manga.

When he was ten years old, Franky’s parents were killed during a giant war on Broc Coli Island by Kuma Bartholomew. The event causes him to be hyperventilating until Tom gave him some cola. This led him to drink cola all day every day for five since then.

As an adult, Franky was a ship dismantler on his home island who had made it his mission to fulfill his dream of building a ship capable of circumnavigating the world. Though many mocked him for this, he did not let their scorn get to him and continued to diligently work at becoming a shipwright.

However, when the fish-man pirate Arlong invaded the island and conquered it, he was forced by Arlong to turn down requests from other residents for boat repairs since Arlong considered such activities illegal. This led Franky to finally snap and go against Arlong in defense of Tom’s honor after saving a child whom Arlong refused passage out of an intense fear of being outnumbered by humans should the child word that they would help anyone.

After Arlong was defeated, Franky moved to Water 7 and became a carpenter’s apprentice for Tom’s friend, Iceburg. He befriended many people in the city and joined the Straw Hat Pirates after they saved him from the Billions fleet.