[One Piece] Chopper’s Birthday

December 24th

Chopper is a blue-nosed reindeer with a unique transformation ability that allows him to transform into various different forms. He’s the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates, and comes from Drum Island. Chopper is friends with Luffy after hearing his story about being a rubber man. In this form, he can run at high speeds and jump 20 meters.

In this form, Chopper is small enough to fit in Luffy’s hat! However, he doesn’t possess any fighting skills in this form.

Chopper changes into this human-reindeer hybrid when he eats 3 Rumble Balls (drugs). When Chopper is in this form, he gains super strength and super speed which allow him to break through solid steel! Unfortunately during the timeskip, he lost the ability to use Rumble Ball (drugs).

In this form, Chopper can talk to other animals and understand what they’re saying! He also has increased agility and is very flexible. He’s able to jump high in the air using his powerful legs. This one seems like it would be really good for traveling long distances!