[One Piece] Boa Hancock’s Birthday

September 2nd

Hancock used to be on bad terms with pirates until she met Luffy and fell in love with him whereas before she would kill them on sight if they came near her island. In addition, she also had issues with her three younger sisters, especially Sandersonia and Marigold, and would beat them up if they were to defy her. But after the timeskip, Hancock has softened towards her sisters and now even protects them from other men who try to approach them.

In this form, Hancock gains increased strength as well as a third eye that allows her to hypnotize others into doing what she wants!

She’s able to cover both of her arms in armor called “Snake Armor” which allows her to turn those she touches into stone temporarily. This ability doesn’t work on Luffy because he is rubber man. In addition, she can also use a Peto Peto no Mi fruit Devil Fruit which takes away the lifespan of whoever touches it…