[Naruto] Gaara’s Birthday

January 19th

Gaara is a shinobi from Konoha who is portrayed as the villain in Naruto. Gaara has an outstanding hatred for those of the Uchiha clan due to a personal past tragedy involving a close friend, a member of said clan.

Gaara was once a student under Jiraya’s tutelage, along with his former teammates Kakashi Hatake and Rin Nohara at the Ninja Academy, where after graduating he was assigned to Team Minato. In battle, Gaara prefers not to rely on Ninjutsu/Weapons new times even containing Friends modern technology instead preferring close combat fighting with his bare hands which seems somewhat suicidal though this may be due to his intense hatred for the Uchiha Clan.

Though Gaara seems to be able to look past this event in his life, he never truly got over it. So much so that even decades later, when Kakashi (who had previously been saved by Gaara) was given the chance to kill him, he hesitated because of this guilt/regret. Though their relationship is repaired after the death of Rin, maintaining a very distant friendship.

Gaara can be related to an antihero archetype character who has the dark side and the light side within them that keeps them from being purely good or evil, usually both at once. But unlike many other examples of such characters who were inherently good people but were corrupted or taken down a bad path, Gaara was already rather dark and violent from the start. In general, he fits in most of the criteria for antiheroes including being a sufferer of tragic trauma, being at odds with society due to his crimes/personalities, being a loner who’s fighting causes harm to others and himself no matter how they try to change their ways.