[My Hero Academia] Izuku Midoriya’s Birthday

July 15th

Izuku Midoriy is a young boy who aspires to be a hero but was born with no powers. When he finds out about the prestigious school for heroes: U.A Academy, he decides to go there in order to overcome his lack of power and fulfill his superhero dreams.

The main protagonist of Boku no Hero Academia or My Hero Academia, Izuku Midoriya hails from the city of Musutafu where people are known to have superpower abilities called “Quirks.” Izuku’s life got turned upside down when he met All Might, an incredibly powerful Superhero that saved him from being trampled by a giant out-of-control robot. Since then, All Might became his mentor, and taught him that “With a strong heart, anyone can become a hero.”

Izuku never manifested any powers during childhood. For years he was bullied because of this, being called “Deku” (“quirkless”). One day his encounter with All Might changed his life forever when he transferred the superpower to Izuku by giving him part of his own power. From then on Izuku becomes one of the world’s most powerful heroes despite being quirk-less.