[Hunter x Hunter] Killua Zoldyck’s Birthday

July 7th

Killua Zoldyck is a member of the famous Zoldyck family from the Hunter x Hunter anime/manga series. At a young age, he was abandoned by his mother and father as they were too afraid to deal with him because Killua loves to kill. He is able to live on his own thanks to a friend named Illumi who is part of a mysterious group known as The Genei Ryodan. While growing up he met Gon Freecss and trained under Wing but now has been reunited with his father, Silva Zoldyck, after 2 years apart from each other.

Physical Traits: His hair is spiked upwards in all directions except for his bangs which are brushed down onto his forehead, covering most of it. He also has dark circles under his eyes which make him look similar to how many people view Kakashi Hatake.

Clothing: His usual clothing consist of a sleeveless black shirt, green pants held up by suspenders, and white sneakers. He also wears circular wristbands on both wrists that are capable of deploying electric nets for trapping opponents if he is in close combat. On his right hand’s middle finger is what seems to be an arcade coin machine light-up ring that has the words “GET IN THE RING” written on it. He sometimes wears a long-sleeved purple shirt with yellow stripes, but still wears the same green pants and white shoes.

Personality: Killua has always been shown to possess great affection towards Gon, much like a younger brother to an older one. Killua is often shown to be rather protective of Gon due to the many times he saved his life (although Gon has saved him just as frequently). He also has a fear of insects and tends to panic when one gets near him; at first, this was because Illumi had ordered him to stay away from anything that flies or crawls because it could be used against him by enemies but years later he overcame his fear after fighting Knuckle.