[Fairy Tail] Natsu Dragneel’s Birthday

January 16th

Natsu Dragneel is a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and a member of Team Natsu. He’s also part of the infamous ‘Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers’ guild where he partners up with Happy to form their own duo. Given that he is able to consume flames, he specializes in Fire-Based Magics.

Natsu Dragneel is Lucy Heartfilia’s childhood friend. They were separated for 7 years after Igneel left them which led to Natsu growing up alongside Lisanna Strauss who eventually becomes his younger sister due to an unexpected accident.

Natsu is known for being rash, reckless and is obsessed with fighting. He’s also very protective of his comrades especially Lucy who is considered as a member of the family among his fellow Dragon Slayers.

Natsu was the first to discover that he is E.N.D., one of the legendary dragons known as The Demons from the Books of Zeref which makes him an extremely powerful wizard even amongst his guildmates since only 4 out 7 were regarded as ‘The Demons’.