[Dragon Ball] Goku’s Birthday

April 18th

Goku is the main character of the Dragon Ball franchise. Goku is a Saiyan from planet Vegeta. While he was still young, his father brought him to live on Earth as its people had greater potential than their own for producing strong warriors.

In order to protect the Earth from threats such as King Piccolo and Frieza, Goku trains himself intensely in martial arts reading on his grandfather’s old books even though at first he struggled on them due to how advanced they were. He also goes on adventures, saving the world along with his friends.

Later on, after defeats Majin Buu, he enters a tournament against other Saiyans where he meets them again and fights them.

Nowadays everyone knows about Goku since his appearance in the new movie Battle of Gods along with his latest series Dragon Ball Super. He is considered one of the most popular Anime character even having a lot of fans outside Japan.