[Death Note] Light Yagami’s Birthday

February 28th

Light Yagami is the main protagonist of Death Note. He is known for how he killed criminals using the Death Note. He always makes sure that his killings are done out of justice, and not out of evil intent or sadism.

Light Yagami was also said to have a life goal in which he will create a utopian world without crime, but this changed when Ryuk gave him the power to kill people with just his mind. As time goes by, Light becomes more consumed in his mission to rid the society of evil that he ends up neglecting much else about himself.

The series starts off when Light discovers the notebook known as the Death Note, owned by a shinigami named Ryuk who dropped it on earth so somebody can find it. The Death Note has the power to kill people in any way if their name is written on its pages. Light takes this opportunity to rid of evil, but it doesn’t take long before the police discover that he’s behind all these killings. Soon enough, a world-famous detective known as “L” starts closing in on the serial-killing murderer known as Kira.

From there on, more characters are introduced into the series which some end up helping or hindering Light, while others become suspects for being noted by Kira under false accusations. Light continues his quest to create a perfect world without crime even though it means sacrificing himself for this cause.