[Attack on Titan] Levi Ackerman’s Birthday

December 25th

Levi is a very short character in the show, but very tall when compared to normal people. In a world where humans live inside cities surrounded by giant walls to defend themselves from Titans, Levi is a member of the Survey Corps along with his friends Eren and Mikasa. His primary weapon for killing Titans is his Vertical Maneuvering Equipment which allows him to have great mobility and speed while fighting within the urban areas of the city.

Despite being a protagonist in Attack on Titan, Levi has a rather dark past which shows that he had been through some harsh times when he was younger.  During an expedition outside the walls, his entire squads were slaughtered apart from himself and his friend Oruo who only survived thanks to another squad saving them both before they got eaten.  Levi has since then always been very harsh and serious due to this but is still capable of showing morality and caring for his friends.