[Attack on Titan] Eren Jaeger’s Birthday

March 30th

Eren Jaeger is the main character of the anime  Attack on Titan. Eren is the only living son of his family and lost both of his beloved mother and little sister to the hands of merciless titans. From that moment on, he promised himself to wipe out every single titan in existence.

He was selected by Captain Levi to join The Survey Corps, an elite squad that goes out into titan territory to kill them, but with one condition: if he does anything against orders during missions, he will be kicked out immediately. His drive for revenge has made him blind to what’s really important; making sure humanity survives this war with the titans.

Eren is a very hotheaded character who doesn’t think before he acts. He is always charging quickly into titan territory without any backup, making him an easy target for titans. However, after the reveal of his father’s journal and squad Levi’s merciless but wise training sessions, Eren has learned to keep a cool head in battle and be more tactical.