[Assassination Classroom] Korosensei Birthday

March 3rd

Korosensei is the homeroom teacher of 3-E, which is reserved for problem children. He takes the appearance of a mild-mannered octopus-like creature who claims he has already lived past his one hundred years of expected life thanks to having an incredible amount of mutant cells. His motto is that he will “guide” Class E through their high school years, albeit at the cost of being their punching bag most of the time.

He stated that he caused the permanent crescent moon to appear and that after teaching Class 3-E for a year, he intended to demolish the planet.

Korosensei is an octopus-like creature with a touch of gray hair on his head and two horns. He also has red “pupil” eyes and four octopus tentacles with suction cups attached to his head. His arms are thin and frail-looking while his legs resemble that of a chicken’s scrawny legs.

In episode 9 when he was told all about how they thought he was an alien from outer space, Korosensei made himself look human by attaching fake ears onto him and drawing whiskers onto his face with a marker pen giving him round cat-like ears and whiskers in accordance to how they saw him. Later on, he removed the fake ears and whiskers with another marker pen.