Attack on Titan Birthdays

This anime series is about an attack on Earth by giant creatures called Titans, who are supposedly nightmares to look at, have no intellect, are extremely strong, are unable to feel pain or exhaustion and can only be killed by a certain type of weapon. In order to fight them properly people have built tall walls around the cities they live in so that they can keep them secure. The story follows Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, three teenagers whose lives are changed when the city walls are breached by Titans and they must fight to survive against them.

Attack on Titan Characters Birthdays

  • Oluo – January 6th
  • Historia/Christa – January 15th
  • Hannes – January 18th
  • Eld – January 30th
  • Kenny – February 4th
  • Ymir – February 17th
  • Mikasa – February 10th
  • Annie – March 22
  • Eren – March 30th
  • Jean – April 7th
  • Connie – May 2nd
  • Hitch – May 10th
  • Marco – June 16th
  • Nanaba – June 30th
  • Sasha – July 26
  • Riner – August 1st
  • Armin – November 3rd
  • Levi – December 25th
  • Bertolt – December 30th

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