16 Anime Terms Every Fan Should Know

Anime has become a global phenomenon, and you’ll find it in many different languages and formats. However, there are some terms that every fan should know to be able to fully understand the anime they’re watching. Let’s explore these common anime terms!

  • Otaku – An anime fan that has an obsessive interest in it and goes to conventions, or “otaku events”.
  • Cosplay – A form of role-play where people dress up as anime characters typically at events like conventions. They can take photos with other cosplayers and their favorite anime characters, too!
  • Comiket – The world’s largest convention for self-published comics and dojinshi. It is a place for fans to sell fan-made manga, music, game, and other creative works.
  • Doujinshi – Unofficial manga created by fans of their favorite anime series! They typically parody or recreate the original story line to show what they would like to see happen.
  • Kawaii – Japanese word meaning “cute” used frequently in anime series to describe characters who are typically sweet and cheerful.
  • Mangaka – A Japanese word used to describe manga artists who create stories and artwork for self-published comic books! Many mangaka typically make their own dojinshi at conventions like Comiket.
  • Weeaboo – This is a derogatory term for someone who tries to act like they know everything about Japan and loves everything Japanese despite not knowing much about it. The term comes from the phrase “Weeaboo”, which is what some people call fans of Anime who obsessively worship Japan and the Japanese culture. It’s meant to be used as an insult because such people get called Weeaboos by their peers for being annoying since they just talk about how “Japan is so great” without actually giving any fact whatsoever.
  • Shounen – A demographic of anime geared at young boys, where typically many adventures and fights happen. The high level of energy is usually indicative of the genre! It is common for the shounen series to involve a young boy with special powers saving the world from evil forces. However, not all shounen shows have this element. A recent example would be One Piece. Do you remember Goku? If so, you know what Shounen is!
  • Shoujo – A demographic of anime geared at young girls, where typically love triangles and friendships happen. The high level of emotion is usually indicative of the genre! It is common for the shoujo series to involve a girl finding her one true love in life while having great adventures with friends along the way. However, not all shoujo shows have this element. An example would be Ouran High School Host Club. Do you remember Haruhi Fujioka? If so, you know what shoujo is!
  • Baka – A Japanese word meaning “idiot” used frequently by anime characters who are frustrated with each other. In the manga, it can be translated as “stupid” or “fool”.
  • Senpai – A Japanese word for someone in a higher position, e.g. an upperclassman at school or a more experienced co-worker in the workplace. In anime series, it is used when one character acknowledges another character by calling them “senpai” to show that they respect that person and look up to them. It can also be used in a joking manner with friends with who you’re familiar and have a close relationship.
  • Tsundere – This term describes characters who are initially rude or cold when introduced but eventually warm up to others over time. The word is derived from the Japanese words tsuntsun (“abrupt”/”brusque”) and deredere (“lovey dovey”).
  • Harem – Series that typically focus on a single male protagonist but offer an endless amount of cute girls who are in love with him. (e.g. Tenchi Muyo, Love Hina)
  • Urusai – A Japanese word meaning “Shut up!” or “The heck?!” Used when someone is frustrated or annoyed by another person’s actions, or to shut another person up when they’re being unreasonably loud.
  • Chibi – A Japanese word used to describe cute, smaller versions of characters. Typically found in anime series, manga comics, and video games!
  • Figma – A type of plastic model kit that comes with interchangeable parts (typically hands) for posing on a stand. The stands can also hold an additional accessory like a sword or gun!

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